Top 10 Dress Of Punjabi Culture List
Punjabi Suit: A traditional Punjabi dress consisting of a long tunic, called a kameez, and loose pants, called salwar.

Dress Of Punjabi Culture
Patiala Suit: Another traditional Punjabi dress consisting of a long tunic and loose pants, but the pants are pleated, giving them a distinctive look.

Lehenga Choli: A popular dress for Punjabi women, consisting of a long skirt, called a lehenga, and a short blouse, called a choli.

Anarkali Suit: A long, flowing dress that is traditional in Punjabi culture and features intricate designs and embellishments.

Saree: A classic Indian dress that is also popular in Punjabi culture, consisting of a long, flowing piece of fabric that is draped around the body.