Flash USDT Generator Software.

Flash USDT
Looking for a way to flash coins on blockchain networks? Get your hands on Flash USDT at CRYPTODIOD! Our innovative solution allows the Flash USDT to remain in any wallet for up to 50 days. However, after this timeframe, it will be rejected by the blockchain network and vanish from the wallet. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience seamless transactions and efficient blockchain technology

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Flash USDT Generator Software

Flash USDT

Take note that this is both erc20-USDT and aatrc20-USDT
The minimum Order is $2000 you will pay $200 and get $2000 USDT worth of Flash USDT

The Maximum Order is $550,000 for $55,000


The first is that it disappears in any wallet it is found in and any crypto it has been converted to after 50 days from the date you received it.
The second difference is that Flash BTC cannot be transferred more than 12 times.
And the third difference is that Flash BTC can be converted into any other type of crypto coin in an exchange, but if it is restored, that coin will also disappear after 50 days