Global Ambulance Service phone number. Faridabad Delhi Noida

If you require an ambulance, please call your local emergency services number immediately. In most countries, this number is 7011170321 you call, be prepared to provide the following information:

1 Your location: Provide your exact address or the name of the location where the ambulance is needed.

2 Your phone number: In case the emergency services need to call you back for more information.

3 The nature of the emergency: Explain what has happened and what kind of medical assistance is needed.

4 The condition of the patient: Describe the patient's symptoms and any relevant medical history.

Stay on the line until the operator tells you it's okay to hang up. The operator may give you instructions on what to do until the ambulance arrives. Remember, it's important to stay calm and speak clearly so that the emergency services can provide the best possible assistance.