SAP MM Training & Certification in Cairo at Prompt Edify

Comprehensive Curriculum:
Introduction to SAP MM:

Overview of SAP ERP and Navigation:
Introduction to SAP ERP system architecture and basic navigation skills.
Understanding the significance and role of SAP MM within the ERP framework.
Key Concepts and Terminology:
Familiarization with essential SAP MM terminology and concepts.
Insights into procurement cycles, inventory management, and material master data.
Procurement Processes:

Purchase Requisition and Order:
Creation and management of purchase requisitions and purchase orders.
Implementation of approval processes and release strategies.
Vendor Selection and Evaluation:
Criteria and methodologies for vendor selection and evaluation.
Vendor management and performance monitoring.
Inventory Management:

Goods Receipt and Issue:
Managing the processes for goods receipt and goods issue.
Handling stock transfers and stock movements efficiently.
Warehouse Management:
Structuring of warehouses, storage types, and storage bins.
Conducting physical inventory and cycle counting.
Master Data Management:

Material Master Data:
Configuration and management of material master records.
Key fields and their significance in material master data.
Vendor Master Data:
Setup and maintenance of vendor master records.
Integration of vendor data with procurement processes.
Valuation and Account Determination:

Material Valuation:
Different valuation methods and their applications in SAP MM.
Understanding price control and moving average price.
Account Determination:
Configuration of automatic account determination.
Integration with financial accounting for seamless transactions.
Invoice Verification:

Invoice Processing:
Handling of invoices, credit memos, and subsequent debits.
Implementing the three-way match process (Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Invoice).
Integration with Finance:
Posting of invoices to financial accounting.
Managing payment processes and handling discrepancies.
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SAP MM Training & Certification in Cairo at Prompt Edify

Introduction to SAP MM Training & Certification:

Comprehensive training designed to master the SAP MM (Materials Management) module.
Ideal for supply chain, procurement, and inventory management professionals looking to enhance their ERP skills.
Expert-Led Instruction:

Learn from industry experts with extensive experience in SAP MM implementations.
Gain practical insights from seasoned professionals who integrate real-world knowledge into the training sessions.
Hands-On Learning:

Engage in practical exercises and real-life scenarios to apply theoretical concepts.
Access SAP sandbox environments for hands-on practice, ensuring a deep understanding of SAP MM functionalities.
In-Depth Curriculum:

Follow a meticulously structured curriculum covering essential aspects of SAP MM, including procurement processes, inventory management, and material planning.
Stay updated with the latest SAP features and industry best practices integrated into the course content.
Flexible Training Options:

Choose from various training schedules tailored to fit your professional commitments.
Opt for personalized training sessions that address your specific learning needs and career goals.
Interactive Learning Environment:

Participate in interactive sessions, group discussions, and Q&A forums to enhance understanding and problem-solving skills.
Benefit from a collaborative learning environment that encourages active participation and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.
Professional Certification:

Obtain an industry-recognized SAP MM certification upon successful completion of the training program.
Validate your expertise and boost your career prospects with a credential that is highly regarded in the industry.
State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Train in modern facilities equipped with the latest technology and resources.
Enjoy a comfortable and professional learning environment conducive to effective skill development.
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